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Build Your Legacy

Our forefathers, from Mayflower passengers to the heroes who established and protect our nation’s freedom, left us their legacy, and it has changed the course of history. Their passion and devotion has enhanced our lives and opened doors of opportunity for generations of their descendants, including you.

Your legacy – that is, the memories, values, and possessions built during your lifetime – is immensely important for your loved ones and future generations. What is a legacy? Perhaps your grandfather left you his pocket watch and fond memories of fishing on the lake at dusk. Maybe your mother instilled in you a passion for the smell of home-baked banana bread and shoeless summer days, spent beneath the refreshing arc of a yard sprinkler. Your memories with family and friends are part of the legacy you received and the legacy you will leave, and home is where your legacy begins.

Our Other Services

Creating a media room often involves, extra bracing for oversized televisions, laying and hiding wire for surround sound, sound proofing walls, creating custom cabinetry for media devices, movie, music  and game collections.

We can do anything from a soundproof videogame den for the kids, to a luxurious theatre room fit for a mansion. Whatever you can dream, we are excited to help you create.

We can do anything from small koy ponds, to large fishing ponds, and always look forward to creating your dream custom pool.
Septic Systems are a type of on-site sewage facility. They simply take in the drain waste from your home and break it down using anaerobic bacteria, then filter and release the clear water that remains.

These systems are necessary in areas where there aren’t available sewer lines, they can also be a great alternative to sewer for those simply looking to stay off the grid.

There are a few different options to consider when shopping for a septic system. There are two types of systems, the first is an aerobic system that releases it’s clear water through sprinkler heads, and the second is a gravity distribution system that releases its waste downhill into a series of pipes and trenches. The best type for you will probably depend on the lay of your land.

Flooring choices can have a big impact on the finished look, feel and comfort of a home

Some options include: stained and etched concrete (with or without stencil patterns), tile, all types of wood flooring, stone flooring, carpet and linoleum, and sub floor heating panels

Why Choose Us

      • Second generation in contracting
      • 100% Customer satisfaction rate
      • Only quality materials
      • Quality control at every step
      • Work very closely with customer to achieve desired product
      • Lowe’s in Longview and Henderson refers their clients to Pine Springs Homesteads for remodels and general contracting

What Clients Say

We were most pleased with the work performed by Mr. Smith and his crew. Mr. Smith had terrific ideas for restoring our home. His work was of the highest quality. His crew was reliable. On the financial side, he was most effective in working with FEMA, our flood insurance company. As a bonus, he was most professional and caring, treating us as a valued customer throughout the restoration process. We would not hesitate to recommend Dalton Smith as a valued contractor.
Alan Wylie
Dalton Smith remodeled our house after a kitchen fire. It was an excellent, detailed job involving all parts of the house. We had to leave the house for the repairs to be completed, and we returned to a home that was just as it was before the accident. All our belongings were in the same spots and it was it the fire had never happened. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Karen Sawyer