Are you thinking about a bathroom remodel?

The bathroom, especially the master, is one of the most popular rooms for homeowners to remodel. We all spend countless hours in a bathroom each week, regardless of what’s going on in our lives. Why not make the experience joyful? If your bathroom feels good, you will feel good during your personal grooming and quiet time before you start the day.

As far as renovations go, a bathroom remodel gives you maximum bang for your buck. Because bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms of the home, they are faster and easier to remodel—and a well-designed master bath can instantly make you feel efficient and organized.

These ideas range from a one-week DIY to a full-scale remodel. Makeover your bathroom yourself, or call in a professional, such as Pine Springs Homesteads. Call us at (817) 374-3478 for a consultation in Rusk, Gregg, Smith and Panola counties (East Texas). We’d love to help with your home renovations, within 30 miles of Henderson, Texas.

4 Inspiring Bathroom Remodel Pins

1. FREE Toilet Room Makeover by Mandy Jean,

If you are looking for affordable, this blogger used leftover DIY supplies and found pallet wood to add an accent wall to her bathroom for free! Pallet wood walls are a hot trend, as they add rustic charm and texture to any wall or surface. The great thing about this easy look is that you can use salvaged pallet wood to cover a wall, the plywood side of a boxy vanity cabinet, or create shelving. For a step by step guide to creating a pallet wall click here.


2. Small Master Bathroom Budget Makeover by Rachel,

This homeowner had a blank slate of a tiny master bathroom to start with, but in two weeks she used a modest budget to transform it into something amazing. With such a small master, the floating shelves over the toilet offer maximum storage without closing off the space. Especially impressive is how she created those gorgeous faux shiplap walls with white painted plywood. Design take-away: with a snow white background (walls and octagonal tile floor) the various shades and textures of wood are charming without feeling disjointed.


3. Time for Recess: How to Create Shelf Space Between Studs by Elena,

Recessed cabinets in the bathroom are an ingenious way to add storage without bulky furniture/cabinetry to impede on your space. With a little knowledge of where your wall studs are located, you can design a recessed cabinet to hold towels and toiletries, or a toilet paper and magazine station. Bonus idea: create a recessed cabinet covered with a hinged door holding your favorite wall art. Who says a medicine cabinet must be attached to a vanity?


4. 21 Unique Modern Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

This collection of images offers some stunning looks that will make you re-think the design of your bathroom surfaces. From open floor plans and showers without walls, to spa-style showers with multiple water jets—many of these ideas can be accomplished even in a small bathroom.

Some our favorite ideas from this pin:

  • brick-wall style tiles in the shower
  • light-saving glass divider walls between walk-in showers and bucket tubs
  • seamless pebble flooring throughout the whole bathroom

Feeling Inspired?

Call Pine Springs Homesteads to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Call (817) 374-3478 for a consultation in Rusk, Gregg, Smith and Panola counties (East Texas). We’d love to help with your home renovations, within 30 miles of Henderson, Texas.