A Note from Dalton Smith, Owner of Pine Springs Homesteads

Pine Springs Homesteads Home Improvements Dalton, his wife Laura, daughter Emma, and son Warren Smith

Dalton, his wife Laura, daughter Emma, and son Warren Smith

“My passion is to build living spaces that are a custom fit for people’s lives and lifestyles.  I can remember when I was a kid, my mom and I were watching my dad walk across the roof, and right then I knew I wanted to work on houses when I grew up. My father has been my mentor throughout my life, always teaching me to look at the details and listen to customers so that they are completely satisfied. He earned his degree as an electrician, but found that entrepreneurship and the diversity of home improvement were the best fit for him. For 30 years, my father owned a successful contracting company in the DFW area, before we built his homestead in Henderson, adjacent to mine. 

“My family is full of skilled craftsmen, so I moved around and learned different trades from the men that surrounded me. In this, I learned that what I really enjoy is cultivating a customer’s dreams and ideas of the perfect living space, and unfolding it before their eyes. Most of my customers think that the pictures they see in magazines of these beautiful living spaces are only for the super-rich. That is just not true. I believe that if you have a dream of a beautiful home, I can help you attain that dream.”

In the inaugural project for Pine Springs Homesteads, Dalton built his parents’ dream home, adjacent to his own home in Henderson, Texas.


Complete Home Building, and Renovations
In addition to his upbringing in a family of craftsmen and entrepreneurs, Dalton graduated as an auto mechanic, so he appreciates and understands the equipment he now uses as a custom homebuilder in East Texas. Dalton also has years of experience working with Doug Smith Contracting, where projects spanned from carpentry, texture, and painting, to building rooms and running electricity. Today, his relationships with reliable, honest contractors, and his own experience, allow him to design and build dream homes and homesteads. Already own your home? Ready for a home makeover? Pine Springs Homesteads also offers remodeling, restoration, and general contracting.