Have you seen the Houzz.com website yet? It is awesome, to say the least. This site showcases all types – and I mean all types – of home building and remodeling, from archetecture to construction to landscaping to interior design. If you’re considering a new home or want to update any aspect of your existing living space, I encourage you to visit Houzz.com. I subscribe to their emails, as well. Instead of sales pitches, their emails include nicely organized photographs that allow me to click through to see related articles and additional photos. Houzz.com is a great resource for home improvement ideas and inspiration!


While the primary demographic of Pinterest users is women under 50 years of age, I must say, if you believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, this site is for you. I have a Pinterest page that highlights my adventures in camping, gardening, off roading, and home improvement. Pinterest is great because you can search for images by keywords, then pin those you like to your own boards for future reference. You can also upload your own photos or grab photos from elsewhere on the web and pin them to your boards.

Whenever I need ideas for a client, I turn to Houzz.com and Pinterest.com for examples and new concepts.